We welcome the Monadnock International Film Festival to the Hannah Grimes Center for Entrepreneurship as one of four nonprofits currently operating onsite at the Center’s 25 Roxbury Street facility in Keene.
MonIFF organizes an annual international film festival in Keene, selecting and scheduling films, bringing in filmmakers and cast members, and featuring panels, screenings and parties. The mission of MonIFF is to honor cinema as the modern campfire, shine a light on compelling stories, and gather engaged audiences around the love of film. This year’s film festival will be held April 10 – 12 at various venues around Keene.
We support both start-up and established nonprofits in our business incubator environment which provides the same program benefits to executive directors as those available to entrepreneurs. In order to succeed, nonprofits typically need operational tools and organizational support similar to that needed by businesses. Those tools and that support can be found in the workshops, one-on-one coaching, and networking opportunities offered by Hannah Grimes.
MonIFF’s executive director, Laina Barakat, is an independent film producer committed to making films in the industry-remote state of New Hampshire. After pursuing a liberal arts degree in philosophy and literature, Barakat headed to the Granit State to apprentice with Either/Or Films. Between film work, she founded The Starving Artist, a nonprofit artist collective in Keene, was the 2012 director of Keene’s Art Walk, and began her directorship at MonIFF in 2013.
“It was time for us to have a bricks-and-mortar office,” says Barakat, “and we chose Hannah Grimes mainly because of the community they have created.  It not only benefits us to build relationships with other organizations located on site, but it also lends a certain amount of credibility to be associated with the Center. Not to mention, they have a large enough conference room to accommodate our 15-member board for our meetings!”
We offer a range of office space options for both businesses and nonprofit organizations. From full time space for nonprofits and businesses in the Incubator Program, to part time or temporary office space, to conference room or meeting room rental, Hannah Grimes’ goal is to provide the resources and support needed to help entrepreneurial organizations grow and thrive in the Monadnock Region.
Call MonIFF at 603-757-3929 or visit moniff.org.
For more information about locating a nonprofit or conducting business at the Hannah Grimes Center for Entrepreneurship, call Donna Weldon at (603) 352-5063.