Incubator Program

We can help you build and/or grow a successful, strong business with our incubator.

What is an incubator?

Business incubators, as defined by InBIA, “nurture the development of entrepreneurial companies, helping them survive and grow during the start-up period when they are most vulnerable.” Incubators offer a foundation for starting businesses of all types to learn, grow, and be successful.

Colony Room

Our Vision:

At Hannah Grimes, we value sharing our space with folks that access our resources and contribute to our network of entrepreneurs and entrepreneur support services. 

Our Business Incubator Program has a proven model that accelerates the growth and viability of small businesses by providing affordable access to professional programs and resources. Whether you need help with your finances, operations, or simply staying on track, we’re here to help. Our incubator is a place where you can leverage your energy in a supportive environment to propel your business forward.

Schedule a meeting with our Program Director to learn more about our Business Incubator Program and which levels of support might be right for you and your business.

Since 2006, 89% of the businesses that have participated in the Incubator Program are still in business.

Businesses see an average growth of 98% after their first year in the Hannah Grimes Incubator.

Benefits & Features

Incubator Benefits & Features: Support


In the incubator, you meet monthly with our staff as well as with the group of other entrepreneurs in the incubator. We’ll cover finances, strategy, organizational development, social media, personal development, and whatever else you need! You’ll have the community you need to find the resources to succeed.

Incubator Benefits & Features: Accountability


Entrepreneurs in our incubator report monthly in one-on-one meetings on their goals and finance, providing an opportunity to discuss, review, and address potential concerns. We help you create and update your business plan, review and understand your financial statements, and set strategic goals.

Incubator Benefits & Features: Space


Every dollar counts when you’re starting a business. That’s why we offer a single monthly rate that includes program fees, private office space, and the shared resources of our facility, including access to high-speed wi-fi, a printer, a kitchen, conference rooms, and a shower. We help ensure you have the space to succeed! Don’t need the space? For $100 a month you can be a part of the Incubator Program without the office but all the accountability and support the program offers.

Meet the Program Participants

HGC currently hosts two cohorts of the Business Incubator Program. One meets in person monthly on Thursday afternoons and the other meets in person quarterly and by Zoom monthly on Thursday evenings. Learn more about the amazing entrepreneurs in the program below!

Sarah Aborn, The Yin Lounge

The Yin Lounge offers a range of luxurious products, books, guided meditations, and classes, all accessible online, which together allow you to create your personal sanctuary, a nurturing space you can cultivate right at home, weaving together modern tranquility and timeless wellness practices. It’s designed to cater to the multifaceted  demands of today’s fast-paced world, providing you with a harmonious blend of serenity and self-care.

Sherry Backman, Green Mountain Cosmetics

Green Mountain Cosmetics (GMC) LLC is a chemical consulting company focusing on the personal care industry. Services include comprehensive product formulation, raw materials evaluation and application, claims support, and marketing and branding advisements. GMC LLC is also a small-run CMO, providing benchwork, stability testing, specification-setting, and MoCRA responsible party agenting. GMC LLC stands out from other small consulting businesses by virtue of extensive FMCG industry experience and
deep knowledge of chemistry, trends, and regulations.


Kelly McCutcheon, Broken Boat Farm

Broken Boat Farm LLC is a Livestock landscaping company that uses goats and sheep to manage unwanted native and invasive vegetation. The goats and sheep, along with the human crew, travel across New Hampshire, servicing residential, municipal, and commercial clients. Goat & human crews arrive each morning and come home each night. We remove the brush that the animals have grazed from site and dispose of it at a local Forest Product company. The Company prides itself on using no petroleum fuel equipment on site, only what is needed to get to site and back.

Cara Down, Inner Daisy Candles

Inner Daisy Candles is the home of unique, one of a kind Juggled Candles™. They are hand-poured using 100% organic soy wax in repurposed glassware. They come in a wide variety of colors, sizes and fragrances. Inner Daisy Candles strives to be environmentally aware in all aspects of candle making and create candles that are as unique as the people that light them.

Carrie Dragoni, Care 2 Discover

Care 2 Discover provides educational and language services online for clients around the world and through in person classes at our branches in Italy and the United States. Instruction is offered in American and British English, Italian, and Brazilian Portuguese within a one-on-one or small group setting. Services include translation, revision, interview preparation, and academic tutoring in a variety of subject areas. Care 2 Discover is a female-led business, which offers  a safe learning space for all immigrants and members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Dan Field, Bending Branch Farm

Bending Branch Farm is a small farmstead goat creamery located in southern NH producing small-batch artisanal cheeses and other dairy products using milk from their herd of Alpine dairy goats. In addition to creating high-quality products they are focused on providing humane care to their animals, utilizing regenerative agriculture techniques, and sourcing locally produced ingredients whenever possible in order to help support the environment and the local community.

Nicole French, Sola Grove Flowers

Sola Grove Flowers LLC is a sustainable floral design business featuring regenerative sola wood flowers. Sola wood flowers are made from a renewable tapioca plant root. The flowers are hand-painted and expertly arranged to  create various floral designs, home décor, and wedding florals.

Sarah Koch, RAD Holistic Sex Education

RAD is a health consultation service that focuses on reclaiming our bodies through radically positive sex education, body awareness (or embodied self awareness), and integrative movement. Offerings are empowering, inclusive, scientifically accurate, trauma-informed, and justice-oriented. The target audience is women and children aged 8+. 

Jessica Reeves, Jessica Reeves Coaching

Jessica Reeves is a Nurse Practitioner and coach who helps Nurse Practitioners to navigate workplace challenges including time  management, charting efficiency, workplace dynamics.

Amber Rodenas, Littles Nutrition

Littles Nutrition provides pediatric nutrition counseling and medical nutrition therapy in the Monadnock region. Registered dietitian, Amber Rodenas, works closely with parents, and your child’s pediatrician to provide patient-centered and supportive care. Littles Nutrition provides counseling for nutrition struggles such as picky eating, infant feeding, medical diagnoses, weight concerns and much more. Littles Nutrition accepts many major medical insurance plans in order to help as many families as possible in the Keene area.

Marcus Stuart Vannini, Agile Projects

Agile Projects specializes in Agile Project Management and Lean methodologies, leveraging cutting-edge generative AI to increase individual and organizational productivity. Our boutique firm tailors innovative solutions to streamline processes, boost efficiency and drive enduring success. With a focus on personalized service and advanced AI tools, we empower institutions to achieve their goals faster and more effectively, setting us apart as a leader project management.

Tuul Sukhbaatar, Wild Chives

Wild Chives LLC is a local young business that provides a variety of microgreens, herbs, and mushrooms to the community of the Monadnock Region. Their microgreens production is fully indoors which enables consumers to enjoy freshly harvested nutrient-dense microgreens year around. On the other hand, Wild Chives is currently growing herbs and mushrooms only seasonally and on a small scale. All of their products are organically grown with lots of care.

Amy Toscano, Lioness Wellness
Lioness Wellness empowers every woman to claim a vision of personal wellness that, rather than being defined by the expectations of others, is informed by her own knowledge of her-self, honors her unique experience, harnesses her innate strength and beauty, and uplifts her spirit.  Elite online group programs free her from disempowering diets and marketing fads by arming her with true wisdom of how to nourish and satisfy herself, while breakthrough coaching enables her to regain trust in and appreciation of her body.

Cost & How to Apply


$100/mo program fee. Office rental costs vary. Program and operation teams will work with you to find the right fit for your business needs and make appropriate scholarships available. 

Hannah Grimes Center

How to Apply

  1. Please complete our New Client Form.
  2. Schedule a meeting with our Program Director to discuss fit for the Incubator Program.
  3. Complete an Incubator application.

*As you complete each step in the application process, you will receive the link to complete the following step.

Interested in more information about the Incubator Program?

Once you submit this form, a member from the Hannah Grimes incubator team will be in touch within 24 hours! Should you have any questions before or after submitting this form, you may contact us at or (603) 352-5063.

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InBIA Member

InBIA Member

Hannah Grimes is a member of the International Business Innovation Association (InBIA), an international organization with over 2,000 members across 60 countries. InBIA’s mission is to support organizations that promote and support entrepreneurs, such as Hannah Grimes. InBIA offers tools, research, proven methodologies, and trainings to ensure that incubators and related organizations are running at their highest potential.

US Small Business Administration

2015 SBA Accelerator Award Winner

Hannah Grimes is honored to be awarded one of 80 national prizes by the Small Business Administration, acknowledging the incubator’s success and role in supporting startups in southwestern New Hampshire. As a part of this year’s cohort, the incubator received $50,000 to support and bolster the incubator’s programming. The Hannah Grimes Staff is thrilled to be exploring new and innovative ways to support current and future incubator associates.