Signature Programs

Hannah Grimes offers an array of innovative and effective programs designed to help businesses start and grow. From workshops and specialized educational and training programs to peer networking and learning, we work with proven models that support a broad range of business sizes and stages.

Hannah Grimes works with people just thinking about starting a business, successful sole proprietors, and companies with 50 employees. We also support a broad range of industries — from farmers, artisans and retailers to architects and precision machine tool manufacturers.

No matter how hard we work with an individual entrepreneur, sometimes it’s not enough: the “soil” for entrepreneurship in the community often needs tilling and building. The philosophy behind our community projects is that if you put enough smart, community-minded people in the room and give them a few key tools, they will come up with a solution. These projects are intended to fill gaps that are not being met in the community.

We close these projects down or let them go when we feel the need has been filled by other groups in the community. For example, our first community project, the Hannah Grimes Localvore Project, was started it in 2006. At the time, there were few resources available to directly connect area farmers and consumers. As commitment and interest in local agriculture has taken root and grown, Hannah Grimes spun off Localvore with its own organizational structure.