Biotech is an emerging sector in our region because we have what biotech entrepreneurs need and want: a culture of entrepreneurship, with proven entrepreneur support, a low-cost environment to stretch early investment dollars, access to a rich array of physical resources, including laboratories, and a powerful and engaged network.

At Hannah Grimes, we have curated a sector-specific set of resources geared to help the biotech entrepreneur pay attention to business and regulatory processes from the discovery phase to the commercialization phase. Our goal is to help you get the business across the finish line faster and stronger.

Hannah Grimes’ award-winning entrepreneur support programs include one-on-one coaching, an incubator program, pitch development and coaching, access to capital, and an extensive network connecting you to everyone in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

1:1 Coaching with Biotech Business Specialists. In addition to the free 1:1 coaching Hannah Grimes offers to all entrepreneurs, we have a set of coaches who are experts at all things business-related for biotech companies. Read more about them here.

Incubator. Hannah Grimes has offered a successful incubator program for more than 10 years, serving businesses in the early stages of their development. More recently, we have developed a specialized track within that program just for biotech companies and welcomed our first company – Detect Diagnostics. 

Access to Nearby Biotech Hubs and Connection to Cost-Effective Local Resources. Keene and the Monadnock Region are in close proximity to burgeoning activity in well-known biotech hubs in Boston, Manchester and Hanover. Hannah Grimes is happy to help you connect with these resources, but we can also connect you with the cost-effective resources located in the region. For example, we can connect you with Keene State College where you can find faculty, students, equipment and facility resources in Life Sciences and Sustainable Product Design.

Connection to national resources through Radically Rural biotech (RRb), our national rural biotech network. In 2023, Hannah Grimes established RRb to share best practices and resources with other rural communities with growing biotech sectors. Biotech companies working with us get access to the resources of the network – broadening and deepening your network to include national, not just local or regional resources. Learn more about the national rural biotech network we’re growing – Radically Rural biotech.

Interested in working with Hannah Grimes to start or grow your biotech business? Schedule a meeting with our Programs team and we’ll connect you with the resources right for you. 

Incubator Current Biotech Companies

Detact Diagnostics

Detact Diagnostics is a privately held, life science-biotech company founded in 2014 in the Netherlands. To meet the need for rapid, scalable, and direct pathogen detection, Detact has developed a novel and disruptive detection platform technology named VIPER®. This technology is innovative, highly sensitive, specific, and fast (seconds – minutes) that lends itself to application development in the healthcare and food industries.

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