Our Mission, Vision, & Values

We are passionate about innovation, and use that passion to accelerate the success of our entrepreneurs. 

Our Mission

The Hannah Grimes Center for Entrepreneurship provides the space, tools and connections that innovative entrepreneurs need to build strong businesses, thriving local economies, and vibrant communities in the Monadnock Region.

Our Vision

The success of entrepreneurs in the Monadnock region fulfills the Hannah Grimes Center’s broader vision of a sustainable, thriving local economy and vibrant community, built upon the region’s heritage, culture, natural resources, and the civic-minded entrepreneurial spirit of its people.

Center for Entrepreneurship

Directly serving more than 150 entrepreneurs and businesses annually with signature programs and reaching an additional 250-300 more through additional programs and services, the Center has become the hub of entrepreneurial activity in the region. Entrepreneurs who take full advantage of the range of programs offered succeed at a far higher rate than average. For example, the most recent analysis done of businesses who had graduated from our Incubator program showed that 89% were still in business more than five years later, compared to a survival rate of 27% for NH businesses in general. Furthermore, these businesses generate jobs and revenue for our local economy. In 2019, it was estimated that the businesses who have participated in Hannah Grimes’ cohort-based business programs contributed $26.1 million to the local economy in a single year.