The Hannah Grimes Center for Entrepreneurship is pleased to announce that following the initial impact of the pandemic, we have filled the long-open position of Operations Coordinator. We welcome the newest addition to our team, Heather Lancey, and are happy to have an extra set of hands again. As the Center’s Operations Coordinator, Heather oversees marketing, social media and communications, and supplements support in daily operations such as facility management, conference room rentals, and more.
Heather earned a Bachelor’s in Fine Art with a focus in Graphic Design from Keene State College. She comes into this position with vast experience in design, branding, and customer service. She is an active member of Scores Running Club, and previously held a position on the board for the past three years.
“Heather is a great fit to our team and workplace culture, and offers experience and skills that are essential to the growth of our organization”, says Samantha Buckler, Operations Director at Hannah Grimes. “As the Center continues to adapt and expand its reach and programs, the need for an Operations Coordinator became apparent”.