Yes — in a way.  We would still be able to look up into the starry sky at night and see, well, a bunch of stars.  But by giving names, we can quickly pick them out of their starry back drop and they take on personality, presence and recognition.  The Eskimo famously have thirteen different names for snow, making them distinctive and filled with information.
One of the installations at CONNECT2017:  Main Street 2.0 is exploring the notion of naming our neighborhoods in Keene.  An idea of George Hansel, he sees that one of the secrets to Keene’s success is that those that live and work here have a deep sense of commitment to the place they live.  This is reflected in our outsized generosity of both time and financial support to community initiatives.  Neighborhood naming, or branding, sees to capitalize on this at the most granular level.  His installation at CONNECT will be an interactive exercise meant to demonstrate what is possible with neighborhood branding.  Ready to live in the Triangle District?  Historic Downtown?  Bring your “names” and your thoughts about how neighborhood branding can help build community on Tuesday, November 7 from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.