Transforming the Office, One Note at a Time

It’s time to vent about your office. Let’s face it, everything about it bugs you. You think your filing system was created by a hedge-maze designer. Accessing your co-worker’s documents is like breaking into the Louvre. Your backlog gets put into a pile as deep and obscure as the Mariana Trench. When everyone in your team is facing these problems, it becomes almost impossible to collaborate efficiently. Offices are supposed to bring workers together; the frustration in yours is actually tearing your team apart.
2000px-Evernote.svgAs always, Evernote is the solution. Think about all of the elements that make your office function (or dysfunction… ). Evernote does them all more efficiently, with better organization in an easy-to-use interface. With it, every member of your team can not only make sense of their own work, but the ideas of all their coworkers as well.
As we’ve discussed on the blog before, Evernote is like an online “brain.” It stores all your notes, pictures, documents and other recorded material in one centralized location. But this doesn’t mean that Evernote is just for individual use; it’s designed with a team in mind. Sharing documents over Evernote reduces the endless avalanche of emails a workplace can generate. This is simply because when the document gets updated, everyone gets the updated version of the document. No more countless emails with countless versions of the same document; the work evolves as your team progresses.
Evernote also helps group and organize multiple documents across platforms. When you start creating notes, it uses tags and keywords to help link to “related notes” under your account. This also works on shared notes within your team of collaborators. Think of it as organic filing. Instead of work being spread out and hidden in multiple workers’ files, it comes together naturally in Evernote.
There are even services that help adapt an already amazing tool specifically to your workplace and team. For $10 per month for each user, the Evernote Business service will organize individual users under a single administrator in your team. This administrator can then act as a liaison to the Evernote Business Certified Consultant. That’s me! Consultants like me will then help ease your team into the world of Evernote. With you, we’ll create organization, collaboration, and communication standards so that everybody is on the same page. Not only that, but we’ll personally ensure Evernote is doing the most for your projects.
Think about that: with Evernote Business people, you can have professionals like me act as your guide to the office of the future. Sounds a lot better than the aimless confusion, eternal frustration, and wasted time of offices today, doesn’t it? In reality, Evernote is the way offices should have been all along: fitting your needs, for your team, on your schedule. Try it out today, and you can go from venting about your office to changing it for the better.

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