The Hannah Grimes Center Welcomes Pro Bono Coach Jennifer Jacobs

Jennifer is the owner and a principal consultant at Adaptiva HR. She weaves together practical and strategic Human Resource knowledge to help business owners and leaders be compliant with federal and state regulations AND to cultivate the kind of workplace where everyone thrives. Jennifer (and the team) bring a very personal approach to supporting businesses and help them understand how to implement policies and procedures that fit their unique work culture, systems, and needs. In particular, small business owners and non-profit organizations who “don’t know what they don’t know” when it comes to HR matters find tremendous value in their support. Jennifer and the team at Adaptiva HR provide assistance across the spectrum of the Employment Life Cycle, whether it is a compliance issue, updating an employee handbook, creating a job description, developing a performance review process, or handling a challenging employee situation.
Topics: Human Resources including compliance, strategy, and guidance for being a great place to work