Support Your Local Economy: Eat Local Monadnock Farm-Fresh

Buying local has become increasingly popular. And what could be tastier than supporting the local economy by buying locally grown and produced food?
It’s an economic fact that when a purchase is made from a local business, on average, over 60 percent of your dollar works and stays in the local economy. When a purchase is made at a big box retailer or national chain, only half that amount stays local. Money that stays local works harder in the community and circulates to support other businesses, create jobs, and deliver local services.
Buying at a local farm stand, pick-your-own farm or farmers market has just as much impact on the local economy as any other retail purchase, maybe more. Cheshire County has dozens of small farms growing fruits and vegetables, raising beef, poultry, and lambs, and producing milk, cheese, eggs, and honey. Our farms are entrepreneurial small businesses. They buy supplies and professional services, hire employees, and support our communities.
It’s easy to find a local farm or farmers’ market: visit The Cheshire County Conservation District has a Facebook page too: There, local farms post about what’s growing, what’s available for sale, recipes, and more.
Locally grown food has amazingly good flavor too. I can’t think of a more delicious way to buy local and support our local economy.