Looking for a Special Spring Gift? Visit the Marketplace!

Spring is finally beginning to show itself! A bit of sunshine, some breezes with a touch of warmth and hints of the flowers to come are all around us. Spring is also a time when we celebrate Easter, graduations, and Mother’s Day. The Hannah Grimes Marketplace is the perfect place to find high quality, locally-made gifts for those occasions.
Located on Main Street, just a couple of blocks below Central Square in Keene, The Marketplace offers an incredible range of locally produced gifts and specialty foods. The staff is friendly, welcoming, and enjoys helping shoppers with ideas and suggestions. From local wines, jams, jellies and sweet treats to jewelry, ceramics, cards, art and glassware, the Marketplace offers an array of delights sure to please just about everyone on your Spring gift list.
And the Marketplace is more than just a wonderful Main Street gift shop. As part of Hannah Grimes, The Marketplace has a special mission dedicated to working with local artisans, craftspeople and farmers. The Marketplace helps and teaches. It offers entrepreneurs an ideal setting to help them develop their product line, evolve their business and learn how to effectively sell in a retail environment. Shopping at the Marketplace helps support the development of small businesses in the region.
Shop the Marketplace! Visit HannahGrimesMarketplace.com or call 603-352-6862 for more information.