Jessica Gelter

Topics: Arts business coaching, Creative economy and creative placemaking for planners and community leaders, Creative community support & connections, Support in planning and facilitating community-driven processes and conversation around community topics involving the arts, Businesses building partnerships with artists and arts organizations

Arts Alive! is the arts service organization of the Monadnock region. Jessica Gelter, executive director of the organization since 2014, will be in the coach’s chair. In her role at Arts Alive!, and in our coaches chair, she provides feedback and “next step” guidance on artists looking to launch or grow their businesses or community projects; she advises planning departments and downtowns on how to develop ideas to activate public spaces with cultural activity and how to facilitate public art; she provides introductions and referrals to new creative community participants; she advises independent groups looking for fiscal sponsorship and nonprofits looking to offer fiscal sponsorship, and she advises businesses and nonprofits looking to add cultural activities or amenities to their places of business or their workforce. Gelter has also served on her local planning commission since 2015 and has spoken at several community planning and economic development conferences. She is an artist, performer, playwright, past arts educator, and community arts organizer passionate about the arts for its transformative power in communities.

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